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call center

EDCO International offers clients the possibility to have a point of existence in Morocco from any country in the whole world, with an operating Multilanguage (French, Arab, and English) blended call center, dedicated specially to help you conquer the world.

The call center handles:
  • In bound calls: from current or potential customers regarding accounts management, scheduling, technical support, complaints, queries about products or services, or intent to purchase from the company.
  • Out bound calls: to customers on behalf of your business. The made Calls can include telemarketing o your brand, surveys or verification of the quality of services and products sold by your company.

Reasons to have a partnership with EDCO International’s call center

Let’s imagine, you buy a piece of equipment, you get it home, then you find something wrong with it, what do you do ? You turn to the telephone and dial the brand’s customer service number, doesn’t this sound familiar?

As a company, professionals are aware of the high expectations costumers have for services provided by their brands, giving the clients support a prior attention.

Clients want their issues to be addressed quickly and efficiently, having a nice patient and understanding representative on the other end of the call is important, a good handle of costumers questions and complains is a great factor on gaining clients trust which is a fundamental element in business.

Call centers are also used as a point of marketing, calling individuals proposing products or services, checking the level of customers’ satisfactions with their purchases, or to study the market by having surveys.