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Warehouse Services

E-commerce Warehouse (Morocco, Africa)

EDCO International know how time and costs matter to all e-commerce traders, that is why the company dedicates its warehouse to store and keep their goods well kept, allowing them traders to gain time and money and offer a top one delivery straight to customers and without extra costs.

EDCO International has a warehouse in Africa intended for secure storage of its clients’ merchandise. The company guarantees the reception of the items, and offers an efficient, secure and well adapt storage to the nature and fragility of goods and with a 20% plus weight capacity of shelve storage, in order to keep goods secure and safe from damage.

The company uses the Japanese 5s method, a perfect system, consisting on:

  • Seiri = Sort:  keep the workplace necessity items in completing tasks organized and available, and getting rid of red tags ( unnecessary tools, materials and clutters).
  • Seiton = Set in Order : organize goods in an effective and efficient way, making items easy to find and in reach range, storing by nature, fragility and size to keep them in the most optimal conditions.
  • Seiso = shine: keep the storage area clean, by maintaining a daily cleaning routine, keeping the goods tidy and in order away from dust.
  • Seiketsu =  Standardize: Making the first 3 steps a norm of warehouse employees, making them use this 3 standers a routine for them to perform in order to keep the storage place secure and efficient.
  • Shitsuke = Sustain: maintain the 5s methodology discipline.

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