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E-commerce, transport and logistics in Morocco

Edco International

Are you looking for e-commerce, logistics and transport solutions? As one of the best companies working in this field, Edco International offers top services to adapt to your needs.

EDCO International offers E-commerce traders access to african markets by giving safe and secure logistics solutions to sent and received goods.

The company applies a door to door collect and delivery of merchandise system, simplifying online money transactions for the clients and offering cash on delivery services.

The company also offers warehousing spaces in Africa, to help small e-commerce traders with storage of their goods.

Edco International promises to fulfill all your business trades’s expectations without any slight issues, by being present and focused on executing your commands precisely and with a lot of care.

The company’s perfect position in Morocco gives it the best points of access to all points in Africa ensuring that your transactions are delivered in time and with the best rates, offering the most appropriate logistics solution according to your needs.

Edco International also provides services of warehousing, giving you the opportunity to preserve your goods in a place following all safety protocols to ensure a safe and efficient stock for your merchandise, the facility uses modern and organize methods to secure and ease access of wanted item without any fuss and disturbance to clients, giving you a custom, special and personal services.

The company also can pack your goods in sustainable packages best to secure your items and protect them even from the harshest external factors.

A door-to-door delivery is also one of the company’s many services, building you a close and more personal relationship with your clients. Edco applies the pay cash upon delivery method, meaning all your payment remittance are collected cash on the spot to avoid any issues or miscommunications.

All of this comes accompanied by our stuff on every step of the way 24/7,  with an App specially made to enable you to track your goods live from anywhere you are.